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How can we restrict authors access to specific categories in WordPress

Hello everyone and we are here again with another tutorial in Atwp Worpress Hosting Blog

Restrict authors access:

As a website manager, if you have a website that simultaneously covers several separate titles you may also use different authors on your website. In this case, usually, each author will be responsible for posting in a particular category, but if they want, they will be able to post in any of the categories on your website. But what do you do if you need to limit each author to write in a specific category only?  That is, to make sure that everyone is exactly responsible for their work and they can only post in the specific category that you have specified for them. Fortunately, It is very simple, and today we want to teach you how to do this.

To do this, all we need is the restrict author posting plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, you now need to visit the user’s menu via the WordPress admin dashboard. Then click the user/author name that you want to restrict his/her access to a specific category. On the settings page for the user you are looking for, there is now a new section called “Restrict Author Post to a category”. Refer to this section and select your desired category for the writer.


At last, don’t forget to save settings.

Now, if the author decides to post a new post on your website, he will be faced with the message that will tell him that he is only allowed to post in a specific category:

And another interesting point is that the possibility of selecting the category for the author will be completely removed from the send blog page.

Finally, if you want to restore the sending limit in the specific category to the previous state so that the author can send content in all categories available, simply go through the previous steps and this time set the writing to value on No Restrict.

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