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Login to WordPress with fingerprints

Hello everyone and we are here again with another tutorial in Atwp Worpress Hosting Blog

Log in to WordPress dashboard Using fingerprints or face IDs is one of the easiest and fastest ways to unlock mobile phones or access different applications and confirm any operations. On the other hand, the use of a variety of biometric security methods is superior to the use of cipher and in addition to increasing the ease of access to the desired tool, it will also increase the security of the system to a significant extent. so, we’re going to introduce some functional plugins to enter WordPress with fingerprints in our today’s article.

The plugins that introduced in this article allow you to use fingerprints or Face ID instead of login with a password to the user area or manage WordPress.

By using these plugins, in addition to enhancing the security of the accounts on your site, you can also make it easy for your site’s subscribers to login and, along with all these explanations, add an effective and new layer of security to your site so that no one can abuse passwords on your site anymore.

Login to WordPress with fingerprints

If you want to learn about some plugins that allow you to login to WordPress with using fingerprints,go along with us

RapID Secure Login Plugin

The RapID Secure Login plugin allows you to login without using your username and password. Using this plugin is very easy and you can set it up quickly.

You can use this plugin simultaneously on all of your websites.

In this case, it is possible for you to choose between websites and login to the favorite website through the mobile application of this plugin.

If you want to use this plugin you can scan the QR provided on the site by your phone first, and then you enter your fingerprint on the mobile phone and you will login without having to enter the password.

Passwordless WP Plugin

The next plugin in this group is Passwordless WP. This plugin, as its name is known, will make you needless to enter the password to enter WordPress.. With this plugin, you can login to WordPress via fingerprinet or face recognition.

This plugin does not keep information about your face or fingerprints and only requests the accuracy of someone’s identity from device.That’s why your information is always secure and will never be saved in a except your mobile phone.

This plugin supports all modern browsers and is designed to provide you with a fully integrated WordPress user experience.

Biocryptology Login Plugin

The Login Biocrycryptology plugin allows you and your site users to login without password.Using this plugin is one of the best solutions to prevent the site from Stealing password information.Because like other plugins introduced in this article, using this plugin, you will no longer need to save and use the password.

This plugin also supports both face identification and fingerprint simultaneously, and you can choose the method you want to enter WordPress based on your desire and features.

The settings of this plugin are so easy and in a few minutes you can easily set it up and start using its features.

At last

Nowdays most modern phones have fingerprint sensors.Of course you are agree that how easy it is to verify payments and banking operations using fingerprints. 

 In any part where you have replaced the fingerprint with the password, you no longer have to remember your password, and on the other hand, using your fingerprint eliminates the possibility of using simple, guessable passwords completely.

So it seems logical that we are starting to use this technology to enter different sites and, in addition to making our lives easier, make our virtual activities a little safer.

What do you think about this? Would you prefer to login to your site management panel with username and password or do you want to replace fingerprint login with this old method? Share your comments with us in the comments section

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