How to Set A Page As Homepage in Wordpres

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For sure it has happened for you until now, that you have installed a theme on your website, and against your expectations and the beautiful appearance you had seen before from the template, it will only show your posts on the front page. Or maybe you don’t have any problems with your template at all, but you want to show a fixed content to appear on the first page of your website instead of your latest blogs. What should you do in this case? We will answer your question today. Be with us.

Setting a page as homepage proccess:

To select a fixed page as your website’s home page in WordPress, just follow the instructions below. First of all, you need to create a page for yourself. So go to the pages menu and create a new page with your favorite title and content. This page can contain anything. For example, you might want to use an image or shortcut code in it. Everything is allowed and there is no problem in using different elements. Save your new page and remember its name. You will need this name.

Now go from the Settings menu to the Reading menu.

Set A Page As Homepage in Wordpres

Now in the “Show in the first page” section, first select “One unique page” and then select the page you just made through the Drop-Down menu in front of “The first page”. Don’t forget to save settings at the end. You can also have the choice to display your new blogs in the favorite worksheet from now. Therefore, you can also change the setting and manage this section if you need it. Now, if you visit your website, you will see that the unique page you selected to display on the first page of your website is displayed on your website.

Important tip for Yoast and Rank math users:

Here’s an important point. If you are using the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin since you have already chosen a unique page for your home page, the title settings for the home will now be done through the same page you have selected for the home, and not through the title sections in Yoast SEO plugin.

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