How to login to cPanel control panel (2020 updated)

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How to login to cPanel control panel is something every webmaster and web developer should know because it is one of the most famous control panels in the world.

Create a database in cPanel


Hello everyone and welcome back to another tutorial from ATWP WordPress hosting. In this tutorial we’re going to see how to login to cpanel control panel . You will also have a video tutorial in this post that I have shown you visually how to do this. So stay with us in this post because this is going to be useful and also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also you can check out other great hosts of ATWP Blog.

how to login to cpanel control panel video tutorial

Let’s Get started

What do you need to do is just type in your domain name in your browser address bar and then followed by port 2083.

For example if your domain is Then you must type in actress will redirect you to cPanel login page.

Then you can easily enter your username and password and get inside your panel without any problem.

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