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How to create database in cPanel (2020 + Video Tutorial)

Create database in cPanel or any other control panel is one of the most important first steps we’re going to take to make our website online for visitors and create the first stage of their business.


Hello everyone and welcome back to another tutorial from ATWP WordPress hosting. In this tutorial we’re going to see how can we create a database in cPanel and manage that and also how to give access to that database to a user so that we can use that user to work with CMS scripts and anything that we want to have in our front of our website.You will also have a video tutorial in this post that I have shown you visually how to create a database in cPanel. So stay with us in this post because this is going to be useful and also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also you can check out other great hosts of ATWP Blog.

How to create database in cPanel (2020)

Why should we create a database?

Creating a database would be done because of many reasons. The most important part of creating a database in our industry which is WordPress hosting since we are doing Professionally at ATWP. But it’s not just limited to create a word press website. If you want to use any CMS in the world including WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, WHMCS or any other thing like that you would need to connect that CMS to a database. So it’s not optional for you and it’s a required step to create a business with these CMS or anything that you want to put online in the web. That’s why we create a database.

what database is used for

Why the database is required and What is it used for?

But you may have a question that what exactly a database would do for us which I am going to answer it right now. Well in an easy way database is the heart of our business. Database is the place that contains all of our business data including our customers information at transactions and also important information about our business. Let me tell you something honestly if you lose your database you lose everything since I told you before that database is the heart of your business.

How to create a real database?

Reading a database as possible almost in all kinds of servers and different kinds of control panels but in this post we’re going to focus on cPanel, so we are going to see how can we create a database in cPanel from zero to hero and I’m sure after this post you will be able to create your database and you can connect to any kind of web script that you want to use. So let’s get started.

Step-by-step guide for create database in cPanel

First you need to log into your cPanel. Which you can see the video tutorial of that below:

login to cPanel

When you login to your cPanel account you will be in a place like below.

cPanel Page

Then you would see Two options for creating and managing a database. The first one is my SQL database and the second is my SQL database wizard. While both of these options are useful, and we can use them both to achieve are cool but right now we are focusing on my SQL database Wizard. Since it’s going to give us more automated tool to create a database and then create a user and also give access to that user so we will be able to use that username and data base later on for our web script which we’re going to use in our front of our websites.

So click on my SQL database wizard.

CPanel my SQL database wizard

Then you have to write your database name here it doesn’t matter what his name is you can use any kind of name you’d like to try to make it a little bit hard that hackers could not easily guess that.

Create database username in cPanel

In the step you should create a username which means that we have successfully created our database and now we should create a user so that we could give access to this user to use the database to write and read from that database and show the results in our website.

Now write a user name and give it a password with your password must match the minimum requirements of cPanel which always should be a strong password that you can generate from password generator website or cPanel own password generator. Then click next to see the next step bellow:

Give user database privileges

Now in the section you must collect the privileges that you want to give to your user if you’re installing a WordPress then for the first part of your work you must give all of these privileges to the user that you’re going to connect to your WordPress.


So Congratulations on creating your database successfully which means that you’re ready to connect this database to your web script. Like always thank you for reading this tutorial from ATWP blog, and we’re looking forward for your great comments which would improve our work.

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