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How can we add security question to wordpress login, registration and password reset page?

Hello everyone and we are here again with another tutorial in Atwp Worpress Hosting Blog

When you are the only registered user on your WordPress website, the website has only one administrator and it isn’t possible for other users to register and protect the WordPress admin area, you have different choices that you can choose according to your needs and use them to enhance the security of your website.

But when your website has multiple users, to secure the login, registration and password reset section, you need to consider a solution that is not difficult for other users of your website and can be used by everyone. One of the best ways to secure login to the WordPress user area is to register and reset the password, using the security question. today we want to tell you how can we add a security question at the time of registration and requested the user to answer it. Secondly, when it wants to login to its user area, as an extra layer of security, the security question will also be asked beside the password. And thirdly, when the user forgets their password and wants to restore the password, it is necessary to provide a security question and answer for recovery.

Add Security Questions to WordPress:

To add a security question to the login form, registration and password reset in WordPress, we will use the wp security question plugin. So to get started, install this plugin and activate it on your website. So, install this plugin and activate it on your website. If you don’t know how to do this, you can read how to install plugins in WordPress.

After activating the plugin, a new submenu named Security Questions will be added to the Settings menu in your WordPress admin dashboard. To apply your favorite settings and define security questions, you need to visit this menu. This plugin by default has prepared a lot of questions for you that you can use them.

After defining your favorite questions, if one question is extra or for any reason that you don’t want to use it, you can delete it by clicking the Remove button.

In the same section, at the bottom of the page, there are three other sections that you can use to determine, in which sections security questions are shown to the user.

Enabling login screen section setting will lead to asking the security question when you sign in to the account, enabling the Register Screen section to display the possibility of selecting the security question when registering and enabling the Password Screen setting, leading to the security question when resetting the password.

After you enable these three sections, users should select a security question and answer them when they signing up.Now, if login screen setting is enabled on arrival, users should also answer the security question they have chosen, and if they want to reset their password in WordPress, they should also know the security question and the answer too.

People who have already registered in the system and have not chosen a security question for themselves can still login without this information, or they can go to their profile in WordPress and choose a security question and answer it, from now you can take advantage of this new possibility.

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