About us

Find out where and when we start ATWP

Why did we decide to start ATWP when there are lots of WordPress hosting providers out there in the world? 

It started From hosting our own websites!

My name is Amir and I am a full stack WordPress developer (right now the CEO of ATWP Company) and For several years I've been working as Themeforest author and also Udemy instructor. These yours I've seen many WordPress users from beginners to advanced developers they always need some premium support but all hosting providers despite their good product had one thing in common they answered very late and their answer we're not really useful. Also the other problem customers always had was they didn't have any real WordPress toolkit which makes their life easier which makes their workflow easier. Or for the beginners who had many problems setting up their wordpress envirnment this wordpress toolkit was really missing.

that's when atwp idea comes out!

I was studying and passing Linux professional server administrator exams and I was becoming a server administrator so after achieving the ability and skills to provide my own hosting infrastructure with the Great powerful Wordpress toolkit to make my workflow easier as a WordPress user the idea came in my mind that why shouldn't I provide this great tool to others? And that's simple ATWP reliable WordPress hosting started!


The Wordpress hosting that is a real Wordpress hosting with the most powerful Wordpress Hosting toolkit suitable for everyone



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All of our team are professional Linux system administrators qualified by LPI certifications.